2019-2020 Yearbooks – buy now for early discount

Here is the link to purchase the Yearbook!

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FSES proposed redistricting plan initial information

At the AACPS Board of Education meeting on December 4, 2019 a new proposal was submitted to adjust the original redistricting plan set forth during the Crofton HS Redistricting process that was completed last spring.  The new redistricting proposal would bring about 56 new students to Four Seasons ES (these 56 students are currently redistricted to attend Piney Orchard ES in the fall of 2020).  The PTA of Four Seasons ES was not involved in any of the discussions or notified ahead of time of this new redistricting proposal.  While we know our school is amazing and we are always welcoming to new students and families our biggest concern in this process is that our classroom sizes will certainly increase since our school building does not have any additional space/classrooms to grow.  As it stands today, we are over capacity at 107%.

This new redistricting proposal will be discussed and voted on (whether to move it forward to additional public discussion or decline the proposal all together) at the next AACPS Board of Education public meeting on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7pm at the AACPS Headquarters (Carol S. Parham Building 2644 Riva Road Annapolis, MD 21401).

Here is what we need our parents, and any FSES advocate, to do.  We need visibility with the AACPS Board of Education members via email and attendance at upcoming AACPS Board meetings.
1. Send an email to the AACPS Board of Education members (boardoffice@aacps.org) TODAY and FRIDAY, asking them to join the planned tours of Four Seasons ES and Piney Orchard ES next week. On these tours AACPS Board Members will view the facility and the space with school administrators.  The AACPS Board Members will be able to see the differences between the layout of the two school buildings, the vast differences in existing and buildable classroom spaces at each school.  The AACPS Board Members will be able to see that FSES has no empty classroom space and very little land space for possible portable classrooms.  The tour is optional, the reason for the email is to encourage attendance of each board member so they can make an informed decision after seeing each school campus.

2. Send emails, make calls or request in person meetings to the AACPS Board of Education members (boardoffice@aacps.org) leading up to the January 22, 2020 meeting.  This email should be personal in nature to discuss how overcrowding will affect your child(ren) at FSES.  You can also discuss how FSES was not included in the process that other schools were given last year and have not had the opportunity to have a say.  You can email as often as you feel compelled to, you could even send an individual email for each of your children and how it will affect them.  With the addition of 56 new students, FSES will be over capacity at 116% (that does not included any additional new students that FSES will gain from normal home sales, etc.).

3. . The next AACPS Board of Education meeting will be Wednesday, January 22, 2020 at 7pm.  This new redistricting proposal will be on the agenda. Please plan to attend, and if possible speak (you can sign up on-line to talk at the meeting or before the meeting starts).  Show up wearing your Four Seasons Sharks shirts or wear BLUE in solidarity.  We have added an event to the FSES PTA Facebook page for this meeting.  

Thanks for your assistance in this important matter.  See you at the meeting on January 22nd!

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Here is the January/February 2020 FSES Newsletter.

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FSES PTA hosting Winter Wonderland Dance on Friday, January 10th!

The FSES PTA will be hosting our second dance of the school year on Friday, January 10th. Please add this to your calendar, can’t wait to see all our FSES family there. Volunteers are needed, please sign up to help if you can.

Volunteer Sign-up Click Here

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Something to do over the holiday season with family and friends. Happy Holidays Four Seasons ES family!

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Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, December 16th is Magic Monday “Dress up for a Red Carpet Event”, dress your best!

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Teachers Gift Ideas List is here

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Four Seasons Elementary School New Toy Drive

Please be on the look out for a new flyer coming home today with details about FSES’s newest collection drive at school. Please consider participating by donating NEW toys for The Sharing Foundation. Toys will be collected from December 10th through 17th.

The Sharing Foundation is a Non-profit Organization whose purpose is to assist the working needy and special situation families in Anne Arundel County. Eligible families work at a job, and do not qualify for government assistance. The Sharing Foundation relies on the assistance of our local community and schools to help families during challenging times. http://www.thesharingfoundation.org


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Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at FSES PTA! Wishing you wonderful times with family and friends.

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Military Appreciation Night at FSES

Please RSVP and plan attend the Military Appreciation Night at Four Seasons ES. This is a special event for our Veterans and Current Military Service Members on Wednesday, November 13th at 7:15pm.

To RSVP please click HERE

Four Seasons ES students were also asked to decorate flyers to hang throughout the school. Download the flyer below.

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