End of 2019-2020 school year – Pick-up of belongings

Hello FSES Families,

Included in this message is information from Principal Passwaters and Assistant Principal Kennedy about end-of-year school pick-up of belongings.

The school teachers and staff have been working hard to gather and organize so we want to thank them for all they are doing on our behalf. As the school year comes to a close we want to say thank you for all the support we have received from the FSES community for the FSES PTA. We appreciate all the hours volunteered, money and food donated, and overall helping hand that we have received – THANK YOU!

We also want to send special best wishes and congratulations to our 5th graders as they move on to middle school. We will miss you, and are so excited to see all the amazing things you will do on your next adventure! You are going to do amazing in middle school. We look forward to celebrating your accomplishments during the virtual Promotion Ceremony of June 18th.

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5th Grade information and Out-of-area move information – PLEASE READ


Please email Lisa Snyder at lasnyder1@aacps.org if you are moving out of the Four Seasons ES attendance zone for next school year. We will continue to be a “closed” school next year due to projected enrollments therefore out of area transfers will not be approved due to teacher allotments. Please direct all questions to Lisa Snyder. Thank you!

2. FROM THE FSES ADMINISTRATION to 5th Grade Families:

Hello 5th Grade Families,

Please understand, we are unable to bring anyone on our property at this time. We are still under the State Superintendent’s directive. We have received guidelines from our central office regarding promotion. We will have a digital promotion with recorded messages from staff members, a slide show highlighting 5th grade students, and a slide for Presidential awards. We are requesting all parents/guardians of 5th graders to go to the 5th grade Shutterfly website and upload 2 pictures (a baby picture and a current picture), using the link https://fses5thgradeclassof2020.shutterfly.com. Directions for uploading pictures are posted on the FSES PTA website http://www.fourseasonspta.org/. The deadline is June 5th.

The video will be shared with students on Google Classroom, but may not be reposted. We are not allowed to hold a LIVE virtual meeting or gather at the school for a parade or drive by. Additionally, we are not allowed to call student names one by one. We understand this is hard for everyone, but we are trying our best to ensure it is special for our students and families. Thank you!

3. FROM THE FSES PTA to 5th Grade Families:

Hello FSES 5th Grade Parents/Guardians! Please Read and Complete Important Information below.

a. We need all 5th graders parents/guardians to complete the google form, link below so we can order 5th grade t-shirts ASAP.


b. We need all 5th graders parents/guardians to go to the 5th grade Shutterfly website and upload 2 pictures (a baby picture and a current picture), see link below. Deadline is June 5th.

Here is the process to add pictures:

  1. Clink on the Shutterfly link (you need to be approved to see the site, so you might need to be approved first)
  2. Once approved and on the site, click Pictures & Videos
  3. Click Add Album
  4. Rename the Album to be your Child,s name
  5. Choose two pictures (one baby picture and one current picture) and download them
  6. Click add (they will go to the Shutterfly site from there)


Thank you!
Four Seasons PTA

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It’s MAGIC MONDAY! Enjoy this eBINGO!

Can’t wait to see the creativity flow from our FSES students and families. Enjoy.

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Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Thank you seems so simple. 

Thank you so much for going the extra mile to help the students understand the material and develop a real enthusiasm for learning. 

Teachers are the backbone of our school community. They spend untold (many of which are unpaid) hours preparing classroom curriculums, instructing our kiddos, and often playing babysitter and referee.

Your courage, patience and commitment to understand, motivate and inspire the students to become good citizens and become excited about learning has not gone unnoticed.


#AACPSAwesome #AACPSThankATeacher

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FSES May/June Newsletter

Here is the FSES May/June Newsletter. For the full newsletter (downloadable) please go to the FSES PTA website.

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Four Seasons ES School Counselors Corner Information

Here is our Four Seasons ES Counselors, Lori Stuarts, website: it provides some activities for children and resources for parents along with contact information. Please know that Mrs. Stuart is here for all FSES students and families.


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Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week, May 4-8, 2020

The Teachers are the ‘T’ in PTA. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and while we can’t see our teachers physically in-person, we can still show them how much we care.

Here is how you can say THANK YOU virtually this year:

  1. Attached is a flyer you can use to send a thank you to your teachers each day next week.
  2. Here is a link to a google form, that you can fill out for each of your child’s teachers. We will take the submissions from the google form and create a slideshow of thanks to share with the teachers.
  3. ALL Google form submissions must be submitted by Saturday, May 2, 2020.


If you have any questions, please let us know.


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Four Seasons ES First Virtual Magic Monday (Week)

Hi FSES Families. We have our first virtual Magic Monday (well, actually, Magic Week). See attached flyer about the details. We can’t wait to see how creative all you parents and kiddos will be!

Don’t forget to post pictures to your Creative Arts (CA) Google Classroom or to the FSES ES Twitter page, @4seasonsESaacps. If you can’t do either feel free to post here or email the pictures to the FSES PTA email: PTA.fourseasons@gmail.com

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Important updated eLearning Information for FSES Families

Hi FSES Families,

Please take time to go through all the documents attached.  First, there is a letter from our fearless leaders Ms. Passwaters and Mrs. Kennedy.  Second,  there is the new elearning schedule.  Third, there is a Google Classroom Direction to join your child(s) classrooms. There will be a connect-ed phone call coming soon from the school, around 4:00pm.

1. Visit AACPS often for updates and additional information on elearning (under academics on AACPS main page): https://www.aacps.org/elearning

2. What is Google Classroom: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/10s03WaGkh-up7bUbPTc0vUpRpyHnPJzg1QEPkhCIGMI/edit?usp=sharing

3. On the schedule, at the bottom, it has the A day/B day for cultural arts. Cultural arts would post lessons on Mondays, so families can access activities and assignments when they chose.  Families need to pay attention to graded assignments and due dates. Some will be videos, some will be activities.  Cultural arts has a grade level google classroom set up, so questions can be posted directly there. Anything on Google Classroom can be accessed at any time (video or activities).  So each student will have access to their classroom teacher(s) and cultural arts.  Teachers have been reaching out with google classroom codes. 

Please remember we are all in this together! 

#FSESStrong #AACPSisAwesome

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FSES Spirit Week starts TOMORROW!

FSES Families,

Please take a few minutes to watch this video from our wonderful FSES staff.

Click Here

Here are some additional useful documents from AACPS.

1. Frequently Asked Questions: https://www.aacps.org/Page/8521…

2. Parents Guide to Google Classroom: https://drive.google.com/…/1uFBoYMjS9vrWSDwq6djRKKIwI…/view…

3. The attached flyer is a timeline of what is to come for our new online learning process.

FSES Spirit Week starts TOMORROW!

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