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Mental Health Matters

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Let’s wear GREEN this

Thursday May 4, 2017

to support awareness of the

importance of

Children’s Mental Health



Fast Facts about Children’s Mental Health

❖  Mental health refers to a person’s overall emotional, behavioral and psychological well-being. It impacts how we think, feel, and act, including how a child:

  1. Feels about himself/herself
  2. Relates to other children and adults
  3. Handles change, stress and other life situations

❖  One in five children may experience a mental, emotional or behavioral health problem before age 18. These problems affect children of all demographic groups, regardless of education, income, race or culture.

❖  70% of school-aged children with a diagnosable mental illness do not receive treatment.

❖  Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week is a great time to learn more about children’s mental health and to view available resources to help ensure all children have the opportunity to be successful in school, at home, in the community, and in their future adult lives.  Check out our bulletin board in the main hallway at FSES!

❖  Read more about the signs and symptoms of mental health problems and find resources, including a Family Resource Kit, at

Children’s Mental Health Matters!


Mental Health-Calendar for May