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Re-Opening of AACPS Schools Fall 2020

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

Hello Four Seasons Families:

We wanted to reach out about the important decision that all AACPS families of elementary school children have to make by midnight this Thursday, October 15th.  Make sure you submit your response about the learning style you want for your child(ren): Hybrid, Virtual through January or Virtual through the end of the school year.  If you do not submit a response for each of your children there is a default that AACPS will assign your child(ren).  Please make sure to submit a response for each of your elementary age children.AACPS has information on their website, please make sure to go through and read all the details.  Details have changed since it was first released last week, so keep checking to see if there are any additional changes.

There are a lot of different social media sites relaying information, please read and ask questions, but please make sure to get the facts.We know this is a stressful situation for all families.  We want to make sure you feel supported in making the best decision for your family and child(ren).  First and foremost we hope everyone is able to stay positive though this process.  We should expect this time of transition to be bumpy, a bit messy and difficult.  We can do this, we’ve already proven to get through other tough times, and we can do this, too.  Our children truly are amazing, they have shown such strength, determination and overall patience with virtual learning.  Our teachers have proven yet again that they are outstanding. They have stepped up each time with all the changes thrown at them and hands down have knocked it out of the park with their professionalism, their intelligence, and their ability to multitask like we’ve never seen.

Can we ask you to do something?  Please have your children send a thank you note (email) to their teachers.  As we all know, a thank you goes a long way to brighten someone’s day!

And don’t forget tonight there is a Town Hall meeting with County Executive Steuart Pittman at 6:00pm (you can submit your questions still).  Watch live here: #FSESteachersareamazing 

The FSES PTA would like to know if the FSES families would like to have a call (via ZOOM) on Wednesday, October 14th at 7:00pm to discuss the three options. We would have it the night before the decision must be chosen; THURSDAY, October 15th.

We will have a call if there is a need. We don’t want to add more stress, but we want to offer an opportunity to talk about options. We can’t guarantee answers will be provided. #aacps #FSESStrong. Please respond on our Facebook page.

Yes, please have a FSES PTA call. Give us a thumbs up.

No need for a FSES PTA call. Give us a thumbs down.