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Almost that Time…

It’s clear from the social posts… some of us are anxious & ready while some of us are mourning the end of lazy pool days. The Four Seasons PTA has been hard at work setting things in motion to ease the community’s families back into the school year. They have been working on the efforts outlined below (most are also linked to a page with more information).

*Collaborating with the FSES Staff to ensure the school year has a fun-filled schedule.

*Negotiating with the Spritwear provider, 1st Place Spiritwear, to get you sweet BTS deals!

*Updating the FSES PTA Website & Google Calendar.

*Modernizing their PTA Membership infrastructure.

*Uplifting the amazing FSES Staff on social media!

A couple other important notes!

*Teacher release date is Monday, August 21, 2023 @ 5PM! You will need to login to the parent portal to see your student’s class assignment.

*AACPS will be supplying school supplies for students.  Families will provide a bookbag, headphones, lunch box, water bottle (water bottle is optional), and a change of clothes.

Now let’s all breathe out a collective primal sigh of relief/anxiety/excitement for the coming school year while we enjoy these final days of catching some extra zzzzs.